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With the advancement of science and technology, the characteristics of intelligence and dynamism of crime are becoming more and more obvious. High-level crimes such as transnational cross-border crimes and high-tech crimes are also increasing one after another. The comprehensive social security situation is not optimistic. At the same time, the conflict between the heavy work tasks of the police and the relatively insufficient police force is difficult to resolve quickly in the short term. With the increasingly heavy business tasks of the public security department, relying on the traditional police system, it is difficult to meet the needs of the digital three-dimensional prevention system for real-time collection, transmission processing and monitoring control of highly intelligent data. In order to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the rapid development of modern information technology, effectively solve the problem of relatively insufficient police force, effectively enhance the ability of combating crime in the current urban security situation, and strengthen the public security system in the context of the rapid development of national science and technology and multimedia information. Informatization construction is an urgent need to realize science and technology strong police, effectively crack down on criminals and improve police work ability. It is also an effective boost to establish modern police services, combating network and cross-border crimes, and comprehensively improve the combat effectiveness and work efficiency of police officers. The only way to promote the transformation of policing work into modernization is of great strategic and practical significance for promoting the sustainable and leap-forward development of public security work. In this context, the public security emergency command system emerged as the times require, providing a reliable and effective means for achieving rapid response and command decision.

Shenzhen Decolor Optoelectronics has been engaged in LED display industry for more than ten years. Based on rich technical experience and deep understanding of the application requirements of the public security industry, it fully utilizes the ultra-high resolution and ultra-high contrast display features of LED small-pitch display. The comprehensive display requirements of various departments within the public security industry have developed a complete set of intelligent information display system solutions.

First, the selection of large screen splicing display system:

In the field of indoor engineering display, the current common large-screen splicing system generally has four types, namely DLP rear projection splicing display system, LCD liquid crystal splicing display system, projection and LED small-pitch splicing display system. With the technology of LED small-pitch display tends to be stable and mature, the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and the definition is getting higher and higher. It is widely used in high-end indoor display applications such as public security, procuratorate, court, monitoring and command c enter, and obtained The customer's unanimous approval gradually replaced the original DLP and LCD display solutions in the display application field and became the mainstream product in the display application field. So, what are the advantages of LED small-pitch display in this application field?

Second, the LED display features:

The LED small-pitch display is an independent light-emitting display product. The brightness of the product is much higher than that of the DLP splicing screen, and the brightness can be adjusted. The LED small-pitch display is obviously superior to the DLP splicing screen. Due to the high brightness of the LED display, the on-site lighting, lighting and other lighting equipment will not affect the quality of the LED small-pitch display screen, and the entire display is very clear.

LED light-emitting diodes are new materials and new technologies. Due to the characteristics of materials, LEDs are much more efficient than other light-emitting products. At the same brightness, the LED small-pitch display consumes less power than other similar display products.

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